Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nos parts for HQ SS

Parts like these are hard to find. If you require help call Greg at classic OZ Wreck
02 49594546.
Point of intrest there are two different bonnet constraction one has a Bonnet catch support running the entire width of the bonnet.(early HQ)
The later bonnet has no support. The quickest way to identify is look for the spot welds on the early one they are quite promonent.


  1. Hi Scott,
    nice work with the resto and sharing your knowledge about the SS rebuild.
    Just a point of interest with the bonnets there is three types,

    the one shown with the extra support in it ,
    then the same pressing but without the support in it,

    this one is from HJ onwards fitted to one tonners which of course sill carried on with HQ front panels.

    Then the third type is early HQ bonnet,these don't have a indentation in the under bonnet bracing on the drivers side ,( near the sticker on the drivers side )
    both sides are straight ,this pressing in the bonnet may have started after your SS was built ? not sure when it started but worth considering if going for a concours build.

    The same can be said about your boot lid ,the under pressing is for a HJ onwards ,as this was changed with the front bonnet pressings on HJ models

    A HQ boot lid has all the pressings running in to each other brace .

    on the one shown there is two braces that stop short of the center brace that runs diagonally from the boot hinge position to the center lock position .Once you have a look at HQ boot you will see the difference in it.

    look forward also to the GTS build ,i have a 6/73 Melbourne built GTS in the same colour as that one. Cheers steve

  2. Hi Steve
    You are correct on the boot, the question I have is when did the fit the crash control lid, I have seen a few 1974 HQs with the crash control lid, I believe they must have began to use them in 1974,
    ADR rules will clarify this.

  3. Hi Scott,
    most ADR's start at the beginning of a said year (Jan 1), and some have started at the beginning of the financial year (July 1).

    Most will remember ADR 27A started 1st July 1976
    and a few have come in at March ,but those are to do with motorcycles.

    Any passenger car that is not conforming to a ADR at the set date of introduction can not be sold,
    so you will find the changes in a car starting before the deadline of the new ADR

    I have a 7/74 Brisbane built HQ that still has the HQ pressing fitted,
    HJ model started 10/74 so they would've started using them in 1974.

    RE the HJ boot i didn't think there was a ADR to cover it , changes were made with the bumper bars on HJ's,
    as they were made to be able to lift the car up to change a tyre, and the boot pressing change was part of this process to do with crash control as you say,
    the bonnet lost the inner support at the front also.

    While the NOS boot shown may be for a HQ ,HJ ,HX or even a HZ GTS ,you wont find one on a concours factory correct SS ,
    on a concours NOS restored SS it will suit this term .

    Most NOS parts are the last run of that part to be made and can change with the time a car is in production for,
    having a running change in them that makes them different to what was made and fitted at the correct time a car was made at the factory.

    Cheers steve.